We offer a vast variety of essential, fragrance and healing oils in bulk and pre packed.

Essential oils are 100% pure oils used in aromatherapy. The constituents of each oil gives it a differing effect and function ie. Ginger is a warming oil and could be used in a sports massage blend whereas rosemary can be burned to improve memory and concentration. The oils can be blended together to create a different perfume or left alone. We can also add the essential oils to moisturisers and massage oils to fragrance it and so you can gain the therapeutical benefits.

List of essential oils (Microsoft Excel file)

We have a variety of different healing oils which are primarily used to treat dry and damaged skin, and as massage oils, however most of them are also edible. The healing oils vary in prices and can be used differently. For example rosehip oil is excellent for fading scars and blemishes whereas almond oil is perfect as a massage base.

List of healing oils (Microsoft Excel file)

We have a large range of fragrance oils which are chemical copies and used namely for fragrance.